Cultivating Acai Palms Commercially

It is understandable to think that palms belong to the desert. This is because the most commonly known palm is a date palm which is found in such arid environments. However this is not the case with all trees belonging to the palm family. Many of them grow in environments that are drastically different from a barren wasteland. Some of these grow in more diverse places while others grow in places that have certain environmental prerequisites. Acai palms are typically found in South America. Their natural habitat consists of rainforests that receive a lot of rainfall, all year round. This means that they require a lot of water to grow and thrive.

Their fruit in particular requires a lot of water. As much as eighty percent of the acai palm is made of water. This percentage increases to ninety percent for the fruits and fifty percent for the stalk. A single acai palm can consume up to five litres of water a day which translates into fifty litres of water a months places with low ground water should not be used to cultivate these trees as they can affect the ground water levels adversely. In severe cases, planting too many acai Sunshine Coast at the same place might even cause a drought. Land takes a lot of time to recover from such acute water shortages and it is advisable to only plant and cultivate acai where there is plenty of water and rainfall. They can also be planted on the sides of streams and rivers. This fulfils their needs for water without depleting the ground water.

Acai palms need a slightly alkaline soil in order to grow properly. This is because there is a lot of foliage on the rainforest floors there they naturally occur. The decomposing leaves leave an alkaline liquids which seeps into the soil and nourished the acai palms and other trees that grow there. This has made them well adapted to alkaline soils. Their growth might be affected in places where the soil is acidic. This can be remedied by adding the right kind of fertilizers to the soil. Nitrogenous fertilizers can be used for this purpose. They can reduce the acidity of the soil and make it more conducive for where to buy acai and other plants. Urea is particularly helpful for this purpose.

Another prerequisite for acai palms is the availability of sunlight. They require a lot of natural sunlight to process food and to produce fruits. In their natural habitat, there is sunlight all year around. This makes them grow very fast and makes them attain a tall height in a short span of time. This is the reason acai palms thrive in places that receive a lot of natural light. They require five to ten hours of sunlight a day. Without it, their growth slows down and their ability to produce fruit is affected.

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